Greg Rose's Cryptographic Stuff

Greg uses PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) extensively. This link is an article written for USENIX describing what PGP is, why it was created, and why its creator was in so much hot water. Now he's getting rich instead. The definitive work about how to get PGP, and lots of other useful information about it, is maintained by Michael Paul Johnson here.

The whole world seems to have gone crazy with regulations regarding restrictions on use or export of cryptography. Hannah Bowen did a fairly extensive survey of applicable laws in various countries. The new rules for Australia under the Wassenaar Arrangement are available from ADFA.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been doing a lot to fight against some of these regulations.

Lucy Chubb has produced an Australian version of the not-for-export RSA T-shirt. I am not sure if it is legal for me to wear it when I am walking onto United flight UA 863 in San Francisco or not, so I won't do that in future. (Actually, I can get a personal use exemption...)

Speaking of archives and places to get information, there are a number of very good ones around. If you are looking to get PGP, and are outside the US, any of these places should have it (but see above). These are not simply mirrors of each other; it is probably worth browsing them when you are looking for something interesting.

Greg Rose's various PGP public keys are available (if you can't use the newer style Diffie-Hellman/DSS keys you need this instead).

The PGP Moose is a PGP based application which allows newsgroup moderators to authenticate postings, and which automatically cancels unauthentic postings.

As party of my work for QUALCOMM, I was examining the security of the cellular authentication and privacy system, and while looking at CMEA, it broke... I wasn't really allowed to talk about it but David Wagner, Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey duplicated much of my work. If you dig deep enough in their press release you'll find where they acknowlege me. This made the front page of the NY Times, too...

I also developed a new stream cipher called SOBER.

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