Greg Rose's extended Candidate's Statement for the IACR Elections


plastic Greg

I am running for the Board of the International Association of Cryptologic Research, and this is my extended candidates statement.

I have been working on security and cryptography for about 20 years, initially focusing on applications of cryptography to real world problems, and more recently on cryptanalysis and algorithms for stream ciphers. I have implemented a hybrid RSA/DES encryption and digital signature package, have done work on authentication infrastructures using PGP, and am the author of the PGP Moose which uses PGP to authenticate postings to moderated newsgroups.

Since joining QUALCOMM in 1996, I have been working on the 3rd Generation Partnership Programs' subcommittees that define cryptographic algorithms for use in mobile phones. I have cryptanalysed four algorithms currently in use, and as a result of this effort have been instrumental in having the standards process opened for public review and submissions.

I have in the past been involved in various kinds of organisations, ranging from schools to computer users groups (for further details see my short Curriculum Vitae on my home page). I had a 6 year tenure on the board of the USENIX Association. I was on the Board of the IACR for two years in my capacity as General Chair of Crypto 2003. More recently I have been IACR treasurer for six years.

The reason I participate like this is because I feel that it is appropriate to give back time and effort to organisations which are useful in my own life. I have significant financial and management experience, having started software companies and I find that helping organisations to grow and better service their members is something which both is useful and I can do. As my career moves towards mathematical cryptography and away from computer security, I look towards the IACR for my personal development, and therefore as a forum to invest my effort towards improvement for myself and the community.

If I am re-elected to the Board of directors, I promise to serve the membership diligently, non-politically and to the best of my abilities.


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